Our Commitment to Safety

For some industrial construction and demolition companies, safety is a buzzword.  For us, it’s a way of life.  As a team of established professionals, we know firsthand how crucial it is to maintain the right practices and mindset at all times. Not only does a focus on safety prevent accidents, but it also has carryover effects that reduce downtime and make us more cost-competitive.


Want to know more about our commitment to safety on the job?  Contact us to find out more about our procedures, or to get a quote for your civil construction, mechanical construction, or industrial demolition project.

Today, SJC continues to grow. However, even though we serve some of the nation’s leading builders and industrial leaders, our commitment to safety, precision, and reliability hasn’t changed. Refineries, pipeline operations, power suppliers, builders, municipalities, and even major industrial manufacturers all partner with us because they want to maintain high standards without sacrificing cost efficiency.

In order to maintain our stellar track record and reputation in the area of safety, we follow a number of guidelines. These include:

A Robust Accident Prevention Plan

Every project begins with a plan, and safety is an area of focus that can never be neglected. Our team will work with project coordinators, other contractors, and on-site personnel to ensure everyone has a clear strategy for identifying and removing potential hazards.

Rigorous Training for All New Hires

Our core team of construction professionals have all undergone the industry’s best safety training. Additionally, we only work with new hires and contractors who share our philosophy of doing things the right way.

Periodic Employee Evaluation

We monitor employees and jobsites for signs of negligence and drug use, with a zero-tolerance policy for violations. We work with the best and make it clear that we only want professionals who maintain our high standards.

Regular Safety Checks and Reports

Because safety isn’t a one-time activity, we continually train our staff. That means keeping up with the latest trends and best practices while also learning new equipment. We also follow a system of routine checks and reports so bad habits can’t set in.

We Put Safety First

We know how important it is to have your worksite be as safe as it possibly can be. When you partner with SJC you can rest assured that we are taking every step to prevent accidents, injuries, and financial losses.