Demolition Services

In theory, removing structures and debris from a building site should be easy. However, as any experienced construction team knows, handling demolition safely is all about good planning and execution… particularly if you want to stay on schedule and under budget.


At SJC we have experienced demolition professionals on staff. That means we can service contractors for the destruction and removal of existing facilities or lend support to your team in the greater Houston area.

Because demolishing a structure – no matter how large or small – is never a straightforward task, we follow proven processes designed to minimize cost and risk. Our building or debris removal services include:

Detailed Demolition Plans

The SJC team won’t visit your construction site with a single sledgehammer until we are confident we understand your project, your goals, and any constraints that flow from local regulations, OSHA guidelines, or even insurers. It doesn’t take long to develop strategy and double-check the details, but that extra bit of preparation ensures we will never put your company or assets at risk.

Controlled Industrial Demolition

Anyone can swing a wrecking ball, but only a trained and experienced team of industrial demolition experts can safely clear a building site using the right equipment for the job. Whether you need manpower or horsepower, we have the tools and capabilities needed to remove even large structures as well as potentially hazardous materials.

Construction Site Cleanup and Preparation

Of course demolition is only one part of building site preparation. You will also need a vendor to remove and dispose of debris and extra materials, and possibly to clear the site for further work. SJC is your all-in-one solution for removing structures, taking away debris, and preparing your job site with fill and concrete.

Safety Advice and Reviews

We take safety very seriously, particularly when it comes to industrial demolition. We know that being careful and cautious when removing structures or equipment is vital to your firm. When you work with SJC you put the safety of your team first while protecting your investment from unexpected losses or claims. This is an area of construction where our track record speaks for itself.