SJC Construction

Houston Civil & Mechanical Construction Services

SJC Construction has been working with its industrial partners on civil construction, mechanical construction, and demolition projects since 2013. Our company has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade for one simple reason – we place a premium on reliability.

No matter how complex your civil construction project is, SJC’s reliable team of experts is ready to assist with planning and execution. We have built a reputation, in Houston and beyond, for being able to provide real insight and technical assistance in a variety of situations.

Civil Construction Services

Experienced team of civil construction engineers can help you establish the perfect foundation for your project

Mechanical Construction Services

When you need a Houston-based partner for mechanical construction, SJC should be your first choice.

Demolition Services

Our experienced construction team understands demolition is all about good planning and execution.

Comprehensive Civil Construction, Mechanical Expertise, and Demolition Services

SJC has grown into a single-source provider for any civil, mechanical, or demolition assignment. Our experienced team can help with each phase of your project, from budgeting and analysis to construction and review. 

We can even fill the role of local project coordinators when needed, hiring contractors, marking progress, and keeping your investment protected.

Bringing Technical Skill and Reliability Together

Every project is unique, with a defined budget, schedule, and list of technical requirements. That makes it difficult to sum up the SJC difference in a few words, but it’s also why our company is a preferred vendor for so many builders and service providers. Click here if you want to know more about our civil and mechanical construction services or demolition work. You can also contact us directly to inquire about a specific project or request a quote.

Because the SJC Construction team prioritizes client satisfaction, competitive pricing and dependable service are critical to the value we provide. To see what kind of difference our precision and expertise could make in your project, inquire about our services today.