Civil Construction

Our experienced team of civil construction engineers can help you establish the perfect foundation for your project. Not only can we help you prepare the worksite and develop structures from the ground up, but we can do so while emphasizing speed, affordability, and safety for you and your partners.


At SJC we don’t just provide reliable, hands-on civil construction services – we also bring a precision-based approach to every project. This blend of technical skill and industry expertise has made us one of the fastest-growing vendors in our region.

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SJC is well-equipped to handle virtually any aspect of civil construction in and around Southeast Texas, but we are particularly accomplished in the following areas of specialty:

Civil Construction Project Planning

No civil construction, demolition, or renovation project should begin without the right plans and preparations in place. We can help you manage permits, budgets, and even local staffing to ensure your work progresses steadily and without unnecessary cost overruns or delays.

Construction Site Preparation

It is often the case that a building site will look better on paper than it does in the real world. Fortunately, we can step in to help with services like site clearing, concrete demolition, and even repairs to water and electric utility lines. The attention we pay to preparation can help you avoid large challenges later in the civil construction process.

Concrete, Fill, and Rebar

When it comes to the basics of civil construction – preparing concrete, fill, and rebar – there isn’t room for even minor mistakes. Not only can we pour concrete, but our team can construct foundations and pedestals for construction equipment, create sump and tank foundations, and create elevated floors, beams, and columns as needed.

Demolition and Removal

You may need to remove existing structures or obstacles from a building site before construction can begin. We have the equipment and expertise needed to tackle demolition projects of virtually any size quickly and safely. No matter what sort of site you are beginning with, we will make sure you end up with the civil construction area you need.